5 Gambian dalasi note & bill

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5 Gambian dalasi Front


5 Gambian dalasi the front is Giant kingfisher, arms
5 Gambian dalasi the front is Giant kingfisher, arms

Run your fingers over the notes and you will feel:

The characteristic raised print of genuine banknotes which can be found throughout the note but particularly the bars at the sides of the front of the notes.

Hold the note up to the light and you will see:

Watermark with lighter area - the watermark of the crocodile’s head with a lighter area showing the note value and a stylised palm tree which can be seen from both sides of the note.

The note value appears in the area of white print.

The security thread appears as a solid line rather than just appearing on the surface of the note.

5 Gambian dalasi Back


5 Gambian dalasi the back is Cattle
5 Gambian dalasi the back is Cattle

If you tilt the note you will see:

On the 10, the security thread has rainbow bars that change colour as the note is moved around.

On the 20, 50, 100 and 200 a green/red colour switch is added to the rainbow bars. The note value and images of the bird can also be seen.

On the 100, the bush fowl in the bottom left hand corner is printed in a shiny ink that changes colour from gold to green when the note is tilted. On the 200 the shiny gold/green ink in the bush fowl also has a circular ring effect.

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