R200 South African note & bill

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R200 South African Front


R200 South African: Yellow-orange
R200 South African: Yellow-orange

WATERMARK:An image of Nelson Mandela should appear on the left hand side.

ANIMAL:The animal that is on the back of the note should appear within the circle.

MICRO-PRINTING:The denomination numeral appears in micro-lettering in the animals to the left of the image of former President Nelson Mandela. This feature can only be seen using a magnifying glass. Micro-printing also appears on the back of the new banknote.

LITTLE DOTS:These dots will be seen on the left-hand side of your banknotes.

UNIQUE NUMBERING:The unique serial numbers, consisting of letters and numbers, are printed on the back of all new banknotes. A vertical number is on the left-hand side and a horizontal number on the top right. The horizontal number is conical, that is, it grows in height from left to right.

LITTLE DOTS:These dots will be seen on the right-hand side of your banknotes.


R200 South African Back


R200 South African: Leopard
R200 South African: Leopard

SECURITY THREAD:The security thread colour will change to the colour of the respective banknote. In the security thread, you will see the number, the Coat of Arms as well as the words “SARB” and “Rand”.

COLOUR-CHANGING INK:The number on the bottom right of the R10 and R20 has colour-changing ink, while the R50, R100 and R200 have SPARK colour changing ink that has a rolling-bar effect.

HIDDEN IMAGE:When a new banknote is held almost horizontally to your eyes, the denomination numeral appears in the band below the image of former President Nelson Mandela.

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