K10 Kwacha note & bill

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K10 Kwacha Front


K10 Kwacha
K10 Kwacha

The Zambian banknotes have been printed with features to reflect the economy, culture and history of the nation. The African Fish Eagle is the main feature or primary recognition feature on all the Zambian banknotes.

The fish eagle is said to reflect Zambian' s pride; the excellent vision and its swift reaction symbolises the country' s focus on economic growth and ability to rise above challenges.

K10 Kwacha Back


K10 Kwacha
K10 Kwacha

Coat of Arms - is a national emblem which Zambia is distinctly identified by and is found on the left hand corner of the front side of every banknote with the year of print.

Freedom Statue - is national symbol that represents Zambia' s struggle for freedom in the pre-colonial days and is a tribute to our fallen heroes.

Trees and animals - depict the country' s abundant forest resources and wild life, and consequently the potential for tourism.

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