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5 Bermudian dollar Front


5 Bermudian dollar the front is  Blue marlin (makaira nigricans)
5 Bermudian dollar the front is Blue marlin (makaira nigricans)

Horseshoe Bay is a well-known beach in Bermuda.As a tourist spot, it lies on the main island's south (Atlantic Ocean) coast, in the parish of Southampton. It is one of two beaches of the same name in Bermuda, with the other located at Tucker's Island: since the 1940s part of a peninsula that housed the former US Naval Operating Base, and is now called Morgan's Point.

The sand of Horseshoe Bay's beach is very fine and displays a white colour. The beach is equipped with one lifeguard station which is manned during the summer between 10 AM and 6 PM. There is also a café where lunch can be purchased during the summer months. The same building also provides toilet facilities, showers and a foot-washing area for removing sand before departing. A shuttle bus is available from 11 am to 6 pm to transport beach-goers between the beach and the nearest bus stop, carrying passengers down the hill for $1 each, and up for $2. The Government provides a special bus service for tourists at the top of the hill that leaves about every 15 minutes. This service is operates from about 12 to 6 pm. If you miss the last special bus the regular buses run about every 45 minutes until about 10 pm.

5 Bermudian dollar Back


5 Bermudian dollar the back is  Somerset bridge
5 Bermudian dollar the back is Somerset bridge

Somerset Bridge is a small bridge in Bermuda connecting Somerset Island with the mainland in the western parish of Sandys, Somerset Bridge is reputedly the smallest working drawbridge in the world.

The bridge is mentioned in the acts of Bermuda's first parliament, held in St. George's on 1 August 1620. Bridges were to be constructed at Somerset, the Flatts, and Coney Island. Additionally, the road from Somerset to Warwick was to be improved, and extended to Castle Point. The bridge appears on a 1624 map of Bermuda.

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