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100 Jamaican dollar Front


100 Jamaican dollar the front is   Sir Donald Sangster
100 Jamaican dollar the front is Sir Donald Sangster

Sir Donald Sangster

Donald Sangster was born on 26 October 1911, in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. After graduating from Munro College, the outstanding sportsman began studies as a solicitor, but entered the field of politics before finishing his studies. After completing his studies in law, he was admitted to the Court of Judicature in August 1937. Sangster was elected a member of the House of Representatives in 1949 and the following year became Minister of Social Welfare under the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). In that same year, Sangster became the party's first Deputy Leader and in 1953 was appointed Minister of Finance. When Jamaica became independent in 1962, Donald Sangster was again named Minister of Finance. In 1964, when Sir Alexander Bustamante, the then Prime Minister fell ill, Donald Sangster was asked to act in that position. He eventually led his party to win the general elections and in February 1967, became Prime Minister. Sangster's tenure as Prime Minister was, however, short-lived as he passed away two months later, on 11 April. During his political career, Sir Donald made considerable contribution to the Commonwealth, race relations and the principles of parliamentary government.

Centre: Map of Jamaica & Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia)

The Jacaranda family, native to South America, consists of more than fifty species, of which the J. mimosifolia is the most widely planted and admired. This deciduous tree grows very fast and likes fertile, sunny areas. It does not thrive well in heavy wet soils. The Jacaranda produces vivid lilac/purple-blue clusters of trumpet-shaped blossoms, which appear in the summer. The ferny leaves of the tree are reminiscent of those of the mimosa, thus its botanical name.

Blind feature

Two vertical lines on right side of note.

100 Jamaican dollar Back


100 Jamaican dollar the back is Dunn\s River falls
100 Jamaican dollar the back is Dunn\s River falls

Dunn's River Falls are found on Dunn's River in Jamaica. They are about 1 mile from the town of Ocho Rios, on the northern coastline of Jamaica. The falls, believed to be the only waterfall in the world, which forms the mouth of a river, are 200 metres high. There are a series of cataracts and several plateaux, which people can climb. Dunn's River Falls is one of Jamaica's most popular tourist attractions.

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