HKD1000 BOCHK note & bill

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HKD1000 BOCHK Front


2018 HKD1000 BOCHK: A Smart Metropolis
2018 HKD1000 BOCHK: A Smart Metropolis

The front panel of the HK$1,000 banknote features a bauhinia flower and Bank of China Tower with diamond patterns in the background. The silhouette of a human head on the right echoes the design theme of Hong Kong as a smart metropolis.

The HK$1000 banknote has a golden colour scheme, with a measurement of 163 mm (length) by 81.5 mm (width).

HKD1000 BOCHK Back


2018 HKD1000 BOCHK

Two people in profile, with a representation of their brain structure made up of the digits 0 and 1, along with a globe, symbolise human wisdom. The design of this banknote signifies Hong Kong’s pool of talented people and the global vision behind the city’s vibrancy as a financial market, as well as its success as a world-class smart metropolis.

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