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HKD100 BOCHK Front


2018 HKD100 BOCHK: Cultural Heritage
2018 HKD100 BOCHK: Cultural Heritage

The front panel of the HK$100 banknote features a bauhinia flower and Bank of China Tower with a pattern of hand fans in the background. Adorned by the silhouettes of classic Cantonese opera characters, the design highlights the artistic heritage of traditional Cantonese opera.

The HK$100 banknote has a red colour scheme, with a measurement of 153mm (length) by 76.5mm (width).



2018 HKD100 BOCHK

On this banknote, we see the vivid reflection of an enchanting young actress (fadan) in a Cantonese opera against a pattern formed by window frame and auspicious clouds. She looks particularly stunning in her elegant makeup, special hairpieces, costume and a peony hand fan. All of these illustrate Hong Kong’s traditional Chinese artistic heritage.

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