HKD500 BOCHK note & bill

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HKD500 BOCHK Front


2018 HKD500 BOCHK : Natural Scenery
2018 HKD500 BOCHK : Natural Scenery

The front panel of the HK$500 banknote features a bauhinia flower and Bank of China Tower with hexagonal patterns in the background. The silhouette of a bird on the right echoes the design theme of natural scenery.

The HK$500 banknote has a brown colour scheme, with a measurement of 158 mm (length) by 79 mm (width).



2018 HKD500 BOCHK

This banknote portrays the splendid array of hexagonal rock formations in Sai Kung. Formed in ancient times, these magnificent towering columns complement the strong life force of nature representing Hong Kong people’s determination and perseverance.

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