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2018 HKD50 BOCHK : Ecological Conservation
2018 HKD50 BOCHK : Ecological Conservation

The front panel of the HK$50 banknote features a bauhinia flower and Bank of China Tower, against a backdrop depicting the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. The silhouette of a butterfly on the right also echoes the design theme.

The HK$50 banknote has a green colour scheme, with a measurement of 148mm (length) by 74mm (width).



2018 HKD50 BOCHK

This banknote features the Glassy Bluebottle, a rare and beautiful local butterfly species, against a pattern of butterfly wings. The design captures the magical dance of this elegant butterfly flying around its favourite flower, the Lantana, revealing the peace and harmony of nature.

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