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HKD1000 HSBC Front


2018 HKD1000 HSBC Financial Metropolis
2018 HKD1000 HSBC Financial Metropolis

Financial Metropolis as seen through a special panoramic fisheye lens creates a stunning image of the Central business district of the city, the harbour and the mountain range including the Lion Rock in the background, representing the prosperity and vibrancy of Hong Kong.

HKD1000 HSBC Back


2018 HKD1000 HSBC

HSBC’s 2018 new series incorporates a unique design narrative that connects Hong Kong’s people, landmarks and nature to showcase the facets of life in Hong Kong.


Facets of life in Hong Kong are portrayed through the interaction between people, as well as between people and nature. Despite technological innovation and economic development, certain values and traditions are always treasured and stand the test of time.

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