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HKD100 SCBHK: Inheritance and Innovation
HKD100 SCBHK: Inheritance and Innovation

The $100 banknote shows the city’s cultural heritage with two young Cantonese opera artists performing against the backdrop of the world-class Xiqu Centre of the West Kowloon Cultural District. The pattern of silver fins highlights the contemporary architectural design of the Xiqu Centre and injects a sense of vitality and creativity into the traditional art form.




The front panel of the banknotes features the Standard Chartered Bank Building and the Forum in Central. They symbolise our commitment to the city, having worked side by side with Hong Kong for nearly 160 years and we will continue to contribute to the community going forward. The background with a geometric cut is inspired by the glass façade design of the Forum. The Standard Chartered logo at the centre uses different motifs based on the respective theme of each denomination and is echoing with the back panel designs.

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