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2018 HKD50 SCBHK: Better Together
2018 HKD50 SCBHK: Better Together

Pollinating a Lantana, the Blue-spotted Crow on the $50 banknote is one of the few native butterflies that can survive the winter. They stay together to fend off the challenge of the harsh weather. The larva, pupa and adult butterfly on the $50 banknote demonstrate a process of renewal and rebirth. They also represent the unity of Hong Kong people.



2018 HKD50 SCBHK

The front panel of the banknotes features the Standard Chartered Bank Building and the Forum in Central. They symbolise our commitment to the city, having worked side by side with Hong Kong for nearly 160 years and we will continue to contribute to the community going forward. The background with a geometric cut is inspired by the glass façade design of the Forum. The Standard Chartered logo at the centre uses different motifs based on the respective theme of each denomination and is echoing with the back panel designs.

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