$1000 SGD note & bill

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$1000 SGD Front

$1000 SGD

The back of the $1,000 note features buildings representing the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. The Istana building, the official residence of the President of Singapore, symbolises the President and the Executive. It is depicted in the centre of the design. Flanking the Istana are the Parliament House on the left and the Supreme Court building on the right. The Parliament House and the Supreme Court represent the Legislature and the Judiciary respectively.

First issued on: 9 September 1999 (Paper)

Colour: Purple

Size of note:170 mm x 83 mm

$1000 SGD Back

$1000 SGD

The $1,000 note also features the Beautiful Cowrie (Cypraea pulchella Swainson, 1823). This animal was considered another of the rare gems of the genus until about 1968. The graceful pear shape, contrasting large chestnut blotches, and distinctly marked teeth make this cowrie unusually attractive. Specimens of this species are quite common and are usually found offshore from depths of 30 m to 140 m. They are found over a wide range, although most old collections were reported from the Chinese coast of Hong Kong.

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