$10 SGD note & bill

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$10 SGD Front

$10 SGD

The Sports Theme is reflected in the $10 note through the depiction of five popular sports pursuits. On the back of the note, we see a jogger, a tennis player and a soccer player on one side, representing the most favoured land sports in Singapore. On the other side, swimming and sailing are pictured representing water sports. These are illustrated against a vibrant general design to convey the sense of energy and ruggedness symbolising sporting activities in general.

The note also shows the Wandering Cowrie (Cypraea errones Linnaeus, 1758). A variable member of the genus, this species is difficult to describe but easy to recognise by the mottled green top with a large, brownish and centrally located blotch. This blotch may vary in shape and size from specimen to specimen.

First issued on:9 September 1999 (Paper), 4 May 2004 (Polymer)


Size of note:141mm x 69 mm

$10 SGD Back

$10 SGD

The cowrie's size range is between 13 and 43 mm. Having an Indo-West Pacific distribution, this animal is a shallow-water resident, found at the inter-tidal zone and down to a few metres below mean low tide level. Although its numbers have declined in Singapore, it still remains the most common cowrie here.

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