$50 SGD note & bill

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$50 SGD Front

$50 SGD

As the secondary design for the $50 note, the Arts Theme reflects the coming-of-age of the Singapore Arts scene. The design appropriately depicts a mix of four ethnic musical instruments. The Chinese Pipa, Malay Kompang, Indian Veena and Classical Violin epitomise Singapore as a confluence of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures. The instruments are complemented by portions of two local artworks in the Singapore Art Museum, entitled "Gibbon" and "Drying Salted Fish". The works represent the development and achievements of artists in the country.

First issued on:9 September 1999 (Paper)


Size of note:156 mm x 74 mm

$50 SGD Back

$50 SGD

The Cylindrical Cowrie (Cypraea cylindrica) decorates the front of the $50 note. The shell of this animal is cylindrically elongated and its back is bluish grey with a large central irregular blotch. It is found widely in central Indo-West Pacific and Micronesia, ranging from Okinawa, Japan, to northwestern Australia, and from the Malay Peninsula to New Caledonia.

This species is moderately common in the inter-tidal and shallow sublittoral zones.

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