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200 KM Maraka Front


200 KM Maraka the front is Ivo Andrić - Writer (front)
200 KM Maraka the front is Ivo Andrić - Writer (front)

Ivo Andrić (Serbian Cyrillic: Иво Андрић, pronounced [ǐːʋo ǎːndritɕ]; born Ivan Andrić; 9 October 1892 – 13 March 1975) was a Yugoslav[a] novelist, poet and short story writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1961. His writings dealt mainly with life in his native Bosnia under Ottoman rule.

In the years following Andrić's death, the Belgrade apartment where he spent much of World War II was converted into a museum and a nearby street corner was named in his honour. A number of other cities in the former Yugoslavia also have streets bearing his name. In 2012, filmmaker Emir Kusturica began construction of an ethno-town in eastern Bosnia that is named after Andrić. As Yugoslavia's only Nobel Prize-winning writer, Andrić was well known and respected in his native country during his lifetime. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, beginning in the 1950s and continuing past the breakup of Yugoslavia, his works have been disparaged by Bosniak literary critics for their supposed anti-Muslim bias. In Croatia, his works were long shunned for nationalist reasons, and even briefly blacklisted following Yugoslavia's dissolution, but were rehabilitated by the literary community at the start of the 21st century. He is highly regarded in Serbia for his contributions to Serbian literature.

200 KM Maraka Back


200 KM Maraka the back is Bridge on River Drina (back)
200 KM Maraka the back is Bridge on River Drina (back)

the banknote of KM 200 denomination was issued on 15 May 2002.

while the banknote in KM 200 denomination is printed in one version of design for the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. All banknotes of KM, being in circulation, represent the legal tender in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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