10-ruble of Russia note & bill

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10-ruble of Russia Front

10-ruble of Russia

The modified banknote has the same dimensions and general design as the 10-ruble banknote of 1997. The banknote colour design has been changed insignificantly. On the front of the modified banknote in the lower part of the unprinted area to the left of the main image there is a text “МОДИФИКАЦИЯ 2004 Г” (2004 modification).

In circulation since 16.08.2004

Dimensions 150 x 65 mm

10-ruble of Russia Back

10-ruble of Russia

The modified banknotes have the following main differences:

the protective fibres of three types are embedded in the paper (red, light-green and two-coloured);

the metallic window thread is embedded in the paper. It comes out on the surface on the back of the banknote;

on the front of the banknote there is a field with latent coloured waves (MVC effect) - moiré variable colour (MVC);

on the front the numeric value of denomination is printed in grey non-metallic ink;

images of the banknote under an ultra-violet and infra-red light have differences from the banknote of 1997.

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