500-ruble of Russia note & bill

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500-ruble of Russia Front

500-ruble of Russia

The 500-ruble Bank of Russia note In circulation since 01.01.1998

Dimensions 150 x 65 mm

The 500-ruble banknote is printed on high-quality cotton paper of a light-violet hue. The protective fibres of light-green, red and violet colours are chaotically embedded in the paper. The vertical security thread with repeated text seen in the transparent light is embedded in the paper. The banknote has local watermarks in the left and right coupon fields.

500-ruble of Russia Back

500-ruble of Russia

The front of the banknote depicts the monument to Peter the Great and sailing ship in the port of Arkhangelsk.

On the back of the banknote there is Solovetsky monastery.

Predominant colours of the banknote are violet and blue.

The emblem of the Bank of Russia is made with optically-variable ink (OVI).

The banknote possesses several machine-readable security features.

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