$10 FJD note & bill

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$10 FJD Front


2013 $10 FJD $10-PURPLE
2013 $10 FJD $10-PURPLE

Size: 141 x 67mm


Front design features Fiji’s endemic Beli (Lever’s Goby). Beli is one of few true freshwater fish, living all its life in fast-running fresh water as it flows over stones to which they often attach.

Beli are widespread and found in mid reaches of clear streams on all the high islands, sometimes over a hundred metres above sea level. They are generally absent from muddy water and are threatened by alteration in either water flow or water quality. Their presence in any river is an indicator of good habitat quality and minimal catchment disturbance.

An image of i Buburau-ni-bete (duck dish) is also featured on the front.

$10 FJD Back

2013 $10 FJD Back design features the Grand Pacific Hotel

2013 $10 FJD Back design features the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva in 1914 and the Joske’s Thumb in the background.

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