$50 FJD note & bill

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$50 FJD Front


2013 $50 FJD -ORANGE
2013 $50 FJD -ORANGE

Size: 151 x 67mm

Front design features the Tagimoucia (Medinella waterhousei) flower which is perhaps Fiji’s best known flower and has, in the past, been recommended as the national flower. It is the subject of songs, stories and folk lore. Tagimoucia is a liana of the upland forest and where it occurs it often flowers profusely in bunches of vivid scarlet petals contrasting with the pure white centres. The name Tagimoucia is synonymous with the plant in its home in upland Taveuni around the lake with the same name, but Medinella waterhousei also occurs on Mount Seatura in Bua.

An image of a Wasekaseka (Whale’s tooth necklace) is also featured on the front.

$50 FJD Back

2013 $50 FJD Back design features a culture and heritage theme

2013 $50 FJD Back design features a culture and heritage theme with descriptions of a traditional Tabua and Yaqona Vakaturaga ceremony.

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